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Major Sarah Smith Tells Pierre Members of Her Air Force Experiences

August 10, 2021

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Maj. Sarah Smith, USAF, was a special guest of Pierre Composite Squadron on Tuesday, August 3.  Smith, originally from Fort Pierre, joined the meeting via Teams to share experiences of her ten years in the military and discuss why she joined, talk about ROTC, and share about her job.  

She spent an hour speaking with the cadets and senior members, welcoming questions. She opened her presentation by asking each person in the group to introduce themselves and name their favorite airplane, most of which were military. Smith emphasized the importance of networking when in any position, especially leadership. 

She encouraged the cadets to get to know themselves and did an exercise where she asked them to think about the three worst events that have happened to them. Smith told them to reflect on that event in a journal. She told them this would help them become stronger mentally and prepare them to handle the challenging situations they may face in their daily lives.  

Smith encouraged the CAP cadets to explore their options and do a personality test to find the best career fit. She discussed the importance of a good, continuing education and how the USAF encourages continuing education.  

She was very positive about her time in the military and spoke of remaining in the Air force until retirement. She closed her presentation by encouraging the cadets to keep in contact with any questions they may have. Squadron members invited Smith to visit the squadron in person upon her return from her upcoming deployment to Korea.  Her talk fit beautifully with the CAP Cadet Program Character Development lesson on Humility.

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