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SDWG Hosts Region Honor Academy

September 22, 2022

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Close to 78 Civil Air Patrol Cadets and Senior Members from the Upper Midwest and the Central Plains meet in Sioux Falls this weekend for the North Central Region Cadet Honor Academy.

The Cadet Honor Academy prepares cadets to serve on color guards while furthering their individual character development and drug-free knowledge. Cadet Honor Academies are held by CAP Regions across the United States.

South Dakota Wing, Civil Air Patrol, hosts the 2022 North Central Region Cadet Honor Academy, September 23-25, at the S.D. Army National Guard Regional Training Institute in Sioux Falls. 

You will often see CAP Cadet color guard units presenting the United States flag and other flags at public events such as athletic contests, community events, and parades.

"I enjoy working with cadets and seeing them grow in their leadership capabilities and into young adults ready to continue to lead our nation," said Lt. Col. Linda Buechler, director of the academy and the SDWG's Director of Cadet Programs. 

Cadets who participate in their unit's color guard learn about teamwork, performing before the public, leadership, character, and patriotism. 

Experienced CAP Senior Members (adults) will lead the classes. Several of these Senior Members are former military members, but most of the academy is planned and operated by Cadet officers with considerable experience with color guards. (Is this correct?)

"Color guard is one of CAP's most important Cadet activities," said Col. Michael Marek, SDWG commander. "These sharp young people literally 'show the flag' with honor and precision. They not only honor the CAP with their dedication, but their performances also honor the military, veterans, and America."

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