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SDWG Members Display Leadership at Kansas Wing Encampment

January 4, 2022

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Sioux Falls - Members of South Dakota Wing excelled during the 2021 Kansas Wing Winter Encampment December 26 – January 2.  Nine South Dakota members attended, eight from Sioux Falls Composite Squadron and one from Lincoln County Composite Squadron.

“Overall, our South Dakota team made a splash at the Kansas Encampment,” said 2nd Lt Tom Anez, assistant director of cadets for South Dakota Wing, who led the South Dakota detachment to Kansas. “We were well represented and our members were professionals.  We positively affected the encampment and were recognized as an asset.  Numerous times after graduation, I had senior members walk up, begging for us to bring more cadets and seniors to next year's Winter encampment.” 

Cadet Capt. Keon den Hoed was a Flight Commander for Foxtrot Flight.  At the beginning of encampment, his flight was in last place on points for PT, drill, inspections, etc.  His flight came together and was named Honor Flight of the day around Day 3.  By the end of encampment, his flight was in first place and was named overall Honor Flight for the entire encampment.  den Hoed received an Achievement Ribbon for his efforts.

Cadet 2d Lt. Kaleb Sarchet was part of the Standards and Evaluation team, tracking the numbers from tests, drill, inspections, etc.  A spreadsheet he created was instrumental in keeping accurate percentages and data.  The leadership with respect to metrics earned him an Achievement Ribbon.

Cadet CMSgt. Ethan den Hoed and Cadet MSgt Austin den Hoed were Flight Sergeants of Delta and Bravo Flights, respectively.  Both did strong work leading their cadets, with Bravo getting Honor flight around Day 2.

Cadet CMSgt. Grace Ingebretsen was a Squadron First Sergeant.  Partway through the encampment, she was reassigned as a Flight Sergeant.  Her transition was flawless, and her flight excelled that day and received Honor Flight of the Day.  At graduation, she was named as overall Cadre of the Encampment and received an Achievement Ribbon for her efforts.

Cadet Tech. Sgt. Leif Ingebretsen and Cade Airman Triston den Hoed both graduated as Cadet Students.  Ingebretsen excelled, especially in PT, and by the last day, was one of the most popular in his flight and in the entire encampment. den Hoed stood out in PT and drill and his knowledge of CAP was impressive to the rest of his flight.

Among South Dakota Wing adult members attending, 1st Lt. Kyle Clement from Lincoln County Composite Squadron was a Training Officer for Delta Flight.  He earned an Achievement Ribbon for his efforts.

2d Lt. Tom Anez, was the Training Officer for Echo Flight and was also asked after arriving to be the assistant Medical Officer for the encampment. He was awarded a Commander's Commendation for his work. 

“Encampments are a linchpin of CAP’s cadet program,” noted Col. Michael Marek, South Dakota Wing commander. “During encampment, cadets are away from their regular family support systems and they have to build new support networks. Particularly for our younger cadets, this is a remarkably important life lesson.”

“I am excited to see these cadets bring back the skills of leadership and teamwork and implement it into their home squadrons,” said Anez.

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