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SD Wing Empowers Youth Program Leaders

January 29, 2024

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A diverse group of 25 CAP members from across the country learned about leading the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program during a day-long online class on Sunday, January 28.

The day-long online session, sponsored by South Dakota Wing, not only met the organization's requirement for units to have two adult graduates of the Training Leaders of Cadets (TLC) course, refreshed every four years, but also fostered an enriching exchange of experiences.

“The virtual setting enhanced the classroom experience by bringing together experience from 9 Wings in 4 Regions,” said Lt. Col. Tom Anez, CAP’s cadet program director in South Dakota. “Students are able to share their local squadron success stories to help others students overcome some of their squadron challenges in this learning-enriched environment. We hope to continue providing quality Cadet Program learning opportunities using this similar format.”

The course, tailored for adult CAP members actively involved in the organization's youth program, covered the following key aspects:

  1. Articulating the Vision: Participants gain insight into the cadet program vision, understanding key traits of cadet life, program elements, outcomes, and an in-depth explanation of the promotion process.

  2. Roles and Responsibilities: The course explains the roles and responsibilities of adult cadet program officers serving at the squadron level. Special emphasis is placed on leadership dynamics, recognizing that the adult's role evolves as the cadet staff's readiness changes.

  3. Operational Principles: The curriculum delves into operating principles for effective operation of the squadron-level cadet program. This includes understanding and implementing effective onboarding for new cadets, structuring effective weekly meetings and activities, and utilizing CAP’s Quality Cadet Unit Award as both a self-assessment and managerial tool.

Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced TLC courses are also integral components of the cadet program's specialty training track for adult CAP members, providing a comprehensive and progressive learning path for CAP’s world-class youth program.

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