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Civil Air Patrol Stresses Safety Culture

January 4, 2023

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Civil Air Patrol (CAP) units across South Dakota are holding a “Safety Down Day” this month to stress the importance of safety and risk management in all aspects of CAP.

“South Dakota Wing has held this Safety Down Day each year for close to a decade,” said Col. Michael Marek, South Dakota Wing commander. “Every mission or activity CAP does carries a certain level of risk for our members and our resources. These meetings remind all members that we are each important in recognizing and avoiding unnecessary risk that can affect our service to local, state, tribal and national agencies.”

As an example, Lincoln County Composite Squadron met online this week, due to the travel safety risk from recent snow.  Lt. Sam Huntington, squadron safety officer, took the opportunity to conduct the safety day briefing, stressing the “people first” safety message.

"The safety of our members is a top priority,” Huntington told members. "Everything can be replaced except our people."

Civil Air Patrol has an aggressive safety program, Marek added, with safety officers assigned in each unit, for each mission or activity, and with specialized training in safety and operational risk management. 

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