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Rushmore Helps Other CAP Units with Cold Weather Uniform Gear

May 16, 2022

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Rushmore Composite Squadron received 30 large boxes of cold-weather gear from Ellsworth AFB recently and is providing some of them to other units in three states.

The fleece jackets and pants, Gortex jackets and pants, and parkas are out of date for active-duty Air Force wear, but still authorized for CAP members.

“If we had not spoken up to see what the base had, they would have destroyed all of this merchandise, some still in sealed plastic bags,” said Lt. Col. Howard Steiner, Rushmore Composite Squadron commander.

Rushmore is sending a large shipment to units in eastern South Dakota, as well as some extra ABU uniform items. 2nd Lt. Tom Anez will disperse them in east river as needed, according to Steiner.

Other North Central Region Wings responded to the Rushmore Squadron offer including Minnesota Wing taking home a trailer loaded with assorted boxes of cold-weather gear from the Ellsworth AFB Air Show May 14-15.


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