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Non-Mission ELT Find

May 16, 2022

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Two CAP Pilots, 2nd Lt. Thor Bardon and 1st Lt. Kyle Clement, were flying a sortie and they heard an Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) going off as they were returning to the Sioux Falls Airport.  They tracked it to the Lincoln County Airport in Tea, SD. 

Lt. Bardon notified Capt. Denise Clement who in turn called Lt. Col. Mike Cassidy and Lt. Col. Craig Goodrich.  Lt Bardon also notified the Sioux Falls Air Traffic Control Tower (ATC).  Lt. Col. Goodrich notified the AFRCC.  The AFRCC would not open a mission unless there were more reports of an activated ELT. 

Capt. Denise Clement headed to the Lincoln County Airport to start a ramp check.  She was met there by Lt. Kyle Clement.  They began a ramp check.  Within 15 minutes had located the ELT.   Capt. Clement notified Jordan Hall, the Lincoln County Airport manager.  She reported to him that they located a plane with an active ELT in a hanger.  Mr. Hall requested a photo of the hanger so he could contact the owner. 

In the meantime, the owner of the hanger/plane drove up.  We informed him that the ELT was activated on his plane.  He said he had been out flying earlier in the day and had been doing some landings on a grass strip near Hartford, SD.  He said, with the winds, one of his landings was a little bumpy.  He gave us permission to enter the hanger with him.  It was confirmed the ELT was from his plane.  He deactivated the ELT.  Lt Clement notified the Sioux Falls ATC and Capt. Clement notified Col. Goodrich that the ELT had been deactivated.  All is good.

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