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Five Big Sioux Composite Squadron Cadets Complete First O-Rides

January 23, 2022

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Brookings – Five Big Sioux Composite Squadron cadets, completed their first orientation flights, or O-Rides, earlier this month. Captain Ben Kallas, with the assistance of other senior members from Big Sioux, provided this opportunity to the cadets.  

Cadets that completed their first orientation flights include C/Senior Airman Joshua Lindell of De Smet, C/Airman First Class Clover Naughton of Brookings, C/Airman First Class Simon Risty of Estelline, Cadet Morgan Christianson of Volga and Cadet Dylan Brenden of Estelline. Senior Member Malissa Lindell flew with her son, C/Senior Airman Joshua Lindell, during his first O-Ride. 

Cadet James Nesher also completed a flight, but since he was in the back seat, that is not considered an O-Ride. In O-Rides, cadets fly next to the pilot at the front of the plane. O-Rides are meant to introduce cadets to aviation in the CAP Cadet Program, and, from there, CAP offers more opportunities for pilot training. Cadets are allowed five O-Rides before they turn 18 years old.  

“During their five O-rides, cadets are introduced to the very basics of flight,” said Captain Kallas. “We start off by showing them the airplane’s parts and naming what each of them do in flight. Then we take them up in the plane and they can experience for themselves what moving each of the control surfaces does to the attitude of the airplane.” 

Kallas personalizes the instruction by flying over cadets’ hometowns. “It’s a lot of fun taking them over their home town and they point out all of the places they’ve been and they tell stories about each of them,” said Kallas. “I know more about each town from doing O-Rides than I would ever know from just driving through.” 

The CAP Cadet Program develops young leaders, ages 12 and up. Cadet members are challenged and rewarded with the confidence, self-worth, and accomplishment that comes from rising to the occasion and making a real and measurable difference. 

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