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CAP Members Prepare for Flood Relief

Members of the South Dakota Wing completed FEMA's G0361 - Flood Fight Operations class at the state emergency operations center in Pierre on February 13 and 14. The class addressed basic flood concepts, coordination with multiple agencies, flood threat analysis, expedient flood works and their monitoring, and the recovery process. The class featured a combination of lectures, discussions, activities, and exercises. Emergency managers from across the state attended.

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South Dakota Wing Holds NESA Training Team Tabletop

Close to forty South Dakota Wing members participated in a day-long online training event Saturday (Jan 13) highlighted by mission staff training by CAP’s National Emergency Services Academy’s Mobile Training Team (NESA-MTT).The topics directly addressed CAP’s involvement and practical considerations in such a mission, and also the broader picture of management of a large multi-agency disaster mission.

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April SAREX Preview

Members of South Dakota Wing, Civil Air Patrol, will refine their skills in air and ground disaster relief photography Saturday (April 15) at a series of locations around the state.  The photography will focus on GPS-tagged images where waterways are out of their banks and bridges are threatened.

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