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Wing Transportation Officer

  • Ensure SD Wing Vehicles, Squadrons, and members follow compliance with CAPR 77-1
  • Review/approve driver’s license applications (when designated).
  • Provide management control of vehicles. Train units on the probably vehicle reporting and maintenance. 
    • Keep vehicle record folders current.
    • Work with units on scheduling routine maintenance.
    • Ensure major maintenance is performed when required.
    • Ensure that the vehicle operator performs vehicle daily inspection requirements.
    • Ensure monthly time, usage and mileage reporting is accomplished by each wing/unit and the information submitted online via the Vehicle Usage Reporting link on eServices.
    • Ensure vehicles are cleaned monthly.
    •  Require expeditious reporting of vehicle discrepancies.

Assistant Finance Officer

  • Ensure that the wing is in compliance with all financial, regulatory, and reporting requirements.
  • Assist and supervise subordinate units to ensure that all financial, regulatory, and reporting requirements are met.
  • Maintain an adequate system of internal accounting controls over all funds in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles
  • Develop and approve an annual operating budget as a forecasting tool
  • Work with the Finance Committee to approve all wing-level expenditures in excess of $1,500 prior to obligating the funds.
  • Complete internal financial reviews of the wing’s financial records to ensure compliance with the provisions of CAPR 173-1.
  • Provide oversight of all subordinate unit funds to assure all transfers and expenditures have been made at the documented request of the subordinate unit finance committee or authorized member thereof; and all deposits have been recorded and documented.
  • Approve all credit card statements, including fuel credit accounts, via Docusign in time for payment to be made by the due date

Assistant Cadet Programs Officer

  • Ensure squadrons are staffed by qualified adults who operate the program consistent with CAPR60-1
  • Sanction and develop all wing-level cadet activities
  • Work with Operations staff to develop a wing-wide plan for conducting cadet orientation flights
  • Assist local leaders in improving their programs.

Assistant Education and Training Officer

  • Approve all wing ET activities
  • Develop and host wing education and training activities.
  • Ensure subordinate units under their command operate in accordance with CAPR40-1
  • Assist subordinate units in improving their ET Programs.

Assistant IT Officer

  • Wing IT Officers in the field are responsible for maintenance, upkeep and compliance with regard to use of all CAP IT assets within their respective units in accordance with local and applicable CAP policy, ref CAPR120-1
  • Work with units on maintaining computer hardware and software.
  • Assist Wing IT Officer and units with website development, sharepoint training, and other duties assigned.


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