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The SDWG is looking for a Director of Public Affairs. This is one of the most public-facing positions in the wing. Duties include:

  • As appropriate, being the voice and face of the wing to the public and the media; assisting the media with inquiries;
  • Producing or overseeing the production of the thrice-yearly "South Dakota Wing Roundup" magazine and the monthly "The Skychaser" electronic newsletter;
  • Writing or overseeing the drafting of the yearly wing marketing and communications plans;
  • Training or assisting in the training of assistant directors of public affairs and squadron public affairs officers;
  • Conduct or oversee the wing's social media assets;
  • Assist with planning fundraising and other events.

Expect to spend five to 15 hours a week on your duties, sometimes more depending upon projects and publication deadlines. Experience in journalism, broadcasting, marketing, advertising, or social media is preferred but not required. Also, having a Public Information Officer Emergency Services qualification is preferred but not required.

This position reports to the SDWG Chief of Staff--Outreach. Please send an email to Lt Col Todd Epp, Chief of Staff--Outreach, noting your interest in the position and why you think you would be a good fit. All SDWG senior members in good standing regardless of rank or location are encouraged to apply.

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