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Joint Dakota Encampment Staffing

Current Openings

Numerous positions will be advertised for the 2023 Joint Dakota Encampment soon. 

All interested Cadet members are encouraged to send in a resume and letter of interest to the following email:

Senior members are encouraged to send an email of interest to the following email:



All Cadet Cadre positions are currently closed, pending interviews and selection.  If a position is not slotted by existing applicants, positions may reopen.
Job Descriptions can be found at this link: Cadet Staff Job Descriptions


Training Officer
Job Descriptions can be found at this link: Senior Member Staff Job Descriptions


The following staff applications are CLOSED for the 2023 Joint Dakota Encampment:

Cadet Commander (C/CC)
Cadet Deputy Commander for Operations (C/CDO)

Cadet Deputy Commander for Support (C/CDS)
Cadet Executive Officer / Command Chief
Cadet Adjutant
Squadron Commander
Squadron First Sergeant
Flight Commander
Flight Sergeant
Cadet Administration Cadre
Cadet Logistics Cadre
Cadet Public Affairs Cadre
Cadet Safety Cadre 
Advanced Leadership Course Cadet Cadre
Advanced Leadership Course Training Officer
Administration Officer
Communications Officer
Logistics Officer
Transportation Officer
Public Affairs Officer
Safety Officer
Information Technology Officer
Character Development Instructor 

Future Openings

The experience of staffing an Encampment is the reason many CAP members keep coming back.  It's an opportunity to work alongside the best and brightest of our Cadet Program, and simultaneously an opportunity to practice your own leadership.  Whether you're a flight sergeant, a PAO, or a Training Officer, Encampment staff has a place for you.

Future Cadet Line Cadre

Cadet Line Cadre directly interact with Cadet Students, teaching and mentoring them in their flights.  All Cadet Line Cadre position have been posted or have closed.

Future Cadet Support Staff

Encampment couldn't survive without support cadre supporting the Cadet Students and Cadet Line Cadre.  All Cadet Support Cadre position have been posted or have closed.

Future Senior Members

Senior member volunteer time during Encampment is always appreciated.  As always, to work with cadets you have to have completed Cadet Protection training. The following positions will be opening in the near future:

  • Training Officer
    • Each cadet flight needs a Training Officer. The training officer shadows an Encampment flight, provides an understanding ear for first year students (away from their flight staff), and watches for the safety and well being of the flight.  If you are interested in applying, contact the Commandant of Cadets.  
  • Senior Support
    • If Training Officer doesn't sound interesting to you, or you don't meet the requirements, there are many other Senior Member positions at Encampment.  We are always looking for assistants in many of the roles.  If you have an area you're interested in, or even if you just know that you'd like to volunteer, contact the Deputy Commander to apply.
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